Shadow of the Reach

Inquisition of the Brass Tower

We are joining Inquisitor Quist to a mining planet, Skuara 3. They are known for the manufacture of ademantium and their planet rests near the Iron Collar where the great maw lies. There have been mass disappearances in the main hive and two nearby settlements. Any time people disappear, so does any electrical equipment and wiring. It appears that the dead are left behind while the living are taken. There is little, if any, blood at the scene of the disappearances. We are escorting the Inquisitor and looking for an important psycher that disappeared along with several hundred others.

We land in the governor’s private airport on the Thunder’s Word ship and unload a valkyrie gun ship and a rhino. The Capital City is massive. Spires shoot up hundreds of feet. The tallest of the spire is called home to the governor and capital building. Armed and armored guards are visible everywhere. The governor greets our little group with his general and advisers. One man in particular, Renden Thall, stands out. He is tall, thin and known for trafficking xeno weaponry. They all seem rather on edge but there is a visible twitch from the governor when the disappearances are mentioned. We take the Inqusitor’s dude guy, Mikale, with us when we interview so that he can report back to Quist.

One of the shabbier aids seems irritated at the whole situation so we pick him to interview first. He goes by Thadius and is the Minister of security. He tells up that Thall bought his way into the governor’s good graces 2.5 years ago and because the Chief Financial Advisor. He spends a fuck ton of money but always seems to have more on his ship, the Glorious Endeavor. We then interview Thall and he proves to be an arrogant prick who we all want to squeesh. I hack into the governor’s computer network and access some personal financial files. Large sums have been regularly tracked and are only defined as “Shipments.” The next is due in 2 weeks time.

After the interviews, we head to one of the promethium mine towns a couple kilometers away. A farm on the surface has no animals and no people around but piles of meat and blood are scattered. We are told that an extended family of 15 once lived here. 10 are accounted for as dead. The others are missing. There are no cars or vehicles but scrap metal litters the ground where they once lay. All the electronics and wiring is gone. The air system is destroyed and there are no weapons around. There is evidence that the family owned them. The farms servitors are gone and it seems the family has been missing from town for about a week.

It is not long before we hear gunfire from the town. A servitor with six limbs including an assortment of plasma torches, spikes and augmentations is attacking. It goes down quickly and we find a tunnel that seems to be it gained access to the town. I, as the techmarine have never seen anything like this abomination. It has a gear with an eight pointed star. It takes in power and does not generate energy. One thing to note, is that it houses an EMP in its core and armor plating under its flesh. It likely has night vision and a shield generator.

We follow the tunnel and follow a train through a forest until we find a ship in the middle of a burn scar. The ship is similar to a mechanus but there are no identifying marks. More servitors come out and we kill them dead. There is a giant opening in the side of the ship so upon receiving a little extra support, we enter the maw and see a salvaged inside that used to be a cargo hold. It looks as if there were large spaces where something heavy sat. We fight more servitors and make our way to the bridge. We fight through to the elevator, spilling prometheum and killing a lot until we find the maintenance room.

While the guys cover me, I plug into the computer and download the cargo manifests. It looks like they were carrying a lot of weapons including autoguns, clips, and ammo as well as thirty servitors. The ship is from the Chaos World of Saumak and the are picking up a LOT of promethium and ademantium. According to the ship logs, redemption servitors killed everyone and activated the combat servitors. Next, we travel to the bowels of the ship, hoping to locate the psycher who disapeared.

The scene before us is disgusting. People are being dismembered and used to power the servitors. There is screaming and blood and engines and it’s gross. We fight and manage to get a handful of people out alive. Yuck!

We clear out and the ship is blown to smithereens so we head back to the city. When we arrive, we are locked out so Johan wrenches the shutter off of the gate. Two guards see us. One shoots Johan, the other radios in that we’ve gained access. He picks up the dumbass with the radio and I shoot the idiot who thought is was a good idea to take one 3 space marines. We travel towards the fighting after being informed that Inquistor Quist is trying to kill the governor. We meet a barricade that gives us a little trouble before we kill a dozen of the governor’s personal security guards dead. Before long we meet another barricade. There is a commander of some sort and he is vanquished quickly with a called shot to the head while Johan takes on two hordes. (The badass) Nick takes on a servitor with a heavy bolter and after taking a handfull of hits, he kills off both of the servitors. Quist comes from the hall and has us fetch the governor from the top floor. Her people have taken heavy damages so we go and send up an elevator and take the stairs ourselves.

We kill a couple guys and when we get into the governor’s room, he gives up quickly after a Chaos Sorcerer disappears. In the end, we find that the rogue trader that was maintaining contacts for xeno weaponry got away and the sorcerer calls himself Dazek. The servitors have this creepy ability to repair themselves but they were eventually cleansed and the governor’s spire, burned to the ground.


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